The Law Office of Georgina K. Hughes offers mediation services at competitive rates. Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding process where the parties meet together with the Mediator, a trained neutral party, to fully discuss their dispute in both joint and private sessions. The Mediator cannot impose a settlement nor tell the parties what they should do. The parties control the process and, ultimately, the outcome.
Georgina is a Rule 31 Listed Family Mediator. She offers mediation services for parties who have their own attorneys and for those who do not. Georgina is also able to serve as a lawyer for an individual who is working with a mediator.

Save MORE money – Hire One Mediator Instead of Two Attorneys.
The Law Office of Georgina K. Hughes offers “Pro-Se Divorce by Mediation” to couples who want to avoid the cost and adversarial process of hiring two attorneys but need help in working out the details of a divorce. Pro-Se refers to parties who do not have attorneys. Most importantly, Pro-Se Divorce by Mediation helps couples preserve their dignity and their children’s one and only childhoods while they go through the difficult transition from marriage to co-parenting in separate homes.

What Does A Pro-Se Mediator DO?
A family law mediator is a neutral third party who is knowledgeable about family law and family dynamics and who helps couples collaborate towards the common goal of obtaining a divorce without the necessity of having attorneys or going to court. Also, with only a few exceptions, the mediator is capable of preparing all the documents necessary to take a new divorce from start to finish. While Georgina is an attorney AND a Rule 31 Listed Family Mediator, she can never be both at the same time. An attorney must zealously represent only one of the parties in a divorce. A mediator, on the other hand, does not represent EITHER party in the divorce. Rather, the mediator has a responsibility to help couples reach a fair, equitable and legal agreement based on the documents the parties provide voluntarily.  Georgina will use her experience and knowledge of family law during the mediation process. However, while she can tell both spouses what the law says, she cannot give either of them legal “advice.”

What Does Pro-Se Divorce by Mediation Cost?
Pro-se mediation clients will spend significantly less than they would in a divorce with two attorneys. In the Pro-Se Divorce by Mediation program, the parties pay an initial retainer that is based on the complexity of the case. These funds are used to cover the cost of 1) gathering and organizing financial information, 2) face to face meetings, emails and phone calls, and 3) preparing the court documents and exhibits necessary to initiate and finalize the divorce. Any unused funds at the conclusion of the case will be returned to the couple as a refund. In the event the funds are depleted before the work is completed, the couple will replenish the account with additional retainers as is necessary. The total cost will depend on the amount of time needed to reach agreements.

What if the Pro-Se Mediation is Unsuccessful?
Either spouse or the mediator may terminate the mediation process at any time. In such event, each spouse will have a notebook with a complete set of the pleadings, exhibits, and other documents prepared and organized by the mediator so that future attorneys will not have to duplicate the work.

Mediation availability is calendared for the current month only.  Morning sessions begin at 9:00 a.m. and Afternoon sessions begin at 1:00 p.m.  Sessions can begin at any hour and are not limited to the standard 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. sessions usually offered.   If you need dates and times outside of those listed, please call the office and we will try to accommodate your request.  Calendar is updated daily.