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Family Law & Probate and Estate Planning Attorney
in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

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Georgina K. Hughes

Georgina K. Hughes has been a licensed attorney in Tennessee for over a decade. Originally from Hermitage, she attended college and law school in Tennessee. Georgina has served the community of Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, Old Hickory, and the neighboring areas of Wilson, Davidson, and Rutherford counties since 2009. Personally experiencing a contentious divorce has prepared her for the emotional toll divorce and family law cases can have. She combines her compassion with experience to deliver top-notch legal counsel.


Full-Service Estate Planning Law Firm

Power of Attorney

One of the tools you may want to use in your estate plan is naming a trusted individual to be your Power of Attorney

Revocable Trust

One way to avoid the probate process for certain assets is to establish a revocable trust to hold the assets

Child Support

If parents do not live together, the non-custodial parent OFTEN PAYS the primary residential parent

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Steadfast Counsel in Mount Juliet

Considering separation and divorce can be a difficult time in your life, even if both you and your ex are on good terms. It is essential to have an attorney who will listen to you, discuss your rights and obligations, work to achieve a fair resolution, and reach a settlement that may include alimony. If your family law case involves children, an experienced attorney can help you settle issues related to child custody and support. If you need family law support, Attorney Hughes helps clients in Nashville, Hermitage, Old Hickory, and the neighboring areas of Wilson, Davidson, and Rutherford counties.

There are two parts of estate planning law to consider. First, adults must think about setting up an estate plan to formalize what you would like to happen to your assets and minor children or dependents after you pass. Some of the tools that can be useful in your estate plan are wills, trusts, Power of Attorney, and additional documents that might apply depending on your circumstances.

Second, if a loved one has passed and the estate must go through probate, an experienced probate attorney can help throughout the process.