Month: April 2016

“Winning” your Child Custody Case

Divorce is never easy and one of the most heart wrenching, fought over issues are the decisions involving your children.  No one really “wins” a child custody case. After all, your family is separating and the way you handle the decisions you make regarding your children will determine the relationship you have with your ex and your children for the rest of your lives.

The following article written by Jeffrey McAdams, Esq. will give you insight into handling your divorce and custody case:


Divorce and Money-Myths and Realities

Separate Bank Accounts, Property, and Inheritances are assets that are often assumed to be off limits to the other spouse in a divorce; However, it is not as simple as that and can depend greatly on the state you live in and other factors, such as where the money in the account comes from.

Speaking with an attorney regarding your assets, the laws of your state, and the specifics of your relationship will give you a better understanding of how the Court could divide all of the assets of a marriage.

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House Approves Changes to Drug, DUI Penalties

The state House yesterday approved a measure (HB 1478) that would lower the legal penalties for repeated drug possession, WLPN reports. Under the bill, sponsored by Rep. William Lambert, R-Cottontown, drug possession would become a misdemeanor. The legislation also heightens the penalties for driving drunk in an effort to make people with numerous DUIs serve more time behind bars. The state Senate could vote on the proposal next week.

written by Amelia Ferrell for TBA Law Blog

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